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When Hayulima was created in 2021 near the cloudforest town of Mindo, we noticed that Mindo's community center was practically un-used and the space completely run-down. Normally, this would be an inviting space for youth, their arts and sports activities, general cultural and educational events, community meetings and more. Currently, it is used for the following activities: Capoeira, dance, ballet, kick boxing, karate, and personal defense.

In an effort to recover the space and its availability to residents of Mindo, we have slowly been fixing it up, beginning with a stunning mural by Ecuadorian artists, Irving Ramo (ig: @irving_ramo and David Sur (ig: @soysur). See photos below.

The goal is to renovate the space further and acquire materials and gear to engage Mindo's community, with a special focus on youth education and sports, since activities for this demographic is limited.

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Artistic samples of some lived processes

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