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During the retreat, we provide vegetarian meals that are compatible with the medicines. A pre retreat diet is the beginning of the physical preparation for the retreat. Keeping your body clean helps to facilitate the healing process during your time here. 


It is recommended to adhere to the diet for two weeks prior to drinking the medicine. One week is also good. The 4 or 5 days before is very important to be on this diet. 


The major premise of the diet is eating as clean and fresh as possible. 


  • Cut out/reduce the consumption of saturated fats

  • Cut out/reduce the consumption of sugar

  • Cut out/reduce anything with colorants and or preservatives

  • No processed food

  • No pork or foods that contain it, like sausage

  • No beef. Chicken and fish are fine in small amounts

  • No alcohol 


Absolutely no chemical drugs or narcotic substances (including marijuana) for the two weeks prior to the retreat. Do not take sleeping pills or narcotic pain relievers. 


You will be asked about this during your booking process. Please email us directly if you have questions about any medication that you may be taking. 

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