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Our purpose is to live and share deep healing processes in a nurturing environment. Here, we can receive knowledge and experiences that help us to become more attentive and loving beings - first with ourselves, and then with our environment and in our relationships.


Salvador VillaLobos
Arutam Panki

Salvador´s devotion to medicinal plants began at a young age. Since then he has been able to work with many elders and masters of different ancient traditions.

He is initiated into the practices and rituals of the Red Path such as the Sweatlodge, Vision Quest, Sun dance, Star dance, limpias and various kinds of ceremonies.

He and his family are the custodians of Hayulima Spirit Sanctuary.

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Shiram Ucucuy
(Cuba, Ecuador)

Shiram is a carrier of ancestral medicine. She has been working with native rituals and power plants for 10 years. She is a conductor of temazcals and a co-founder of the group  Mujeres de Luna (  Along her path, she has worked with the feminine energy and the obsidian mirror. She accompanies the work of some of the Andean and Amazonian elders .  

Paulina Oviedo
Quilla Pakari -Tsunkinua

Paulina received the Chakana altar, Andean table, and Heart of the Carnation altar from the Andean elders. She has been working with ancestral medicines for more than 15 years and is also a trained Gestalt therapist in accompanying processes. Founder of the collective group "Mujeres de Luna" (, she works with chants as a prayer for healing of the spirit and body. She is a Leader of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan and a conductor of temazcals. Learn more.

Matías Lizama

Carrier of the water drum, Matías has been working with ancestral medicine for 10 years, along with the elders of the ecuatorial highlands. He is a dancer of the San Juan celebration in the indigenous communities of Northern Ecuador. He has a close relationship with the medicine of San Pedro, planting, harvesting and preparing it in the traditional way to be used for healing. He considers music as a path to arrive to the spirit and likes to play various musical instruments during the rituals.


Huaira is a mother, seeker of vision, carrier of chanupa, and runner of temazcales of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. She is a respected professional musician and recently launched her solo project called Ñuka Shunku. She has performed in many music festivals around the world. Her passion is singing and she accompanies and supports our family during the medicine ceremonies.  Her music catalogue can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Diana Oviedo

Diana loves and works with cacao and chocolate in the whole process from "Bean to Bar". She conducts cacao ceremonies, which she learned from the cacao indigenous communities in Ecuador and natives from Central and South America. She conducts sweat lodges, and she is a vision quester, sun dancer, and star dancer.  She assists and supports in the ceremonies and in food preparation for our guests.

Fernanda Flores

Fernanda is a mother and a professional actress with a specialization in movement theater. She is interested in creating art as a vital force. She has been working with power plants for  about 10 years in different traditional Andean ceremonies and the Red Path as well. She also practices the art of Thai Massage therapy.

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