Upcoming Plant Medicine Retreats

Our plant medicine retreats offer the opportunity to stay in a healing and transformational environment where guests can experience sacred rituals, ceremonies, and workshops over 11 magical days.


Our retreats include 2 Ayahuasca and 2 San Pedro ceremonies, as well as workshops, a sweat lodge, and other activities. See the full schedule here.


Each retreat is designed in a personalized way, considering the characteristics and purpose of the visiting group.  

Featured Retreat

7 Day Women's Spiritual Retreat September 4 - 10, 2022
Availability: Open, 5/10 spots remaining

11 Day Plant Medicine Retreats

"Hayulima is a place to reconnect with the ancestral ways of ceremony, between the temazcal and master plant ceremonies, the prayers…it's very respectful of the elements, the world, nature. It allows you to connect with the land." - Alex