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BE ANIMAL by CoCreate

CoCreate is a 7-day Annual Women’s Spiritual Retreat bringing together some of the most sought-after healers in Latin America. 

Exclusively for women, the group is limited to 15 participants (not including healers) and designed to cause transformative change at the spiritual, emotional and physical level.

CoCreate is a space where 15 women of diverse backgrounds and beliefs respond to a heartfelt call to fulfil a commitment written in the stars: to gather and do deep and intimate work in the Sanctuary of Hayulima.


Together, over the course of 7 days, we will meditate, detox our mind and body, and experience master plants in a sensitive and responsible way. There will be movement, singing, art, reflective talks, ancestral ceremonies as well as four specialized workshops with renowned teachers.

$1,700 | February 27 - March 5, 2023
includes lodging, food, medicine, accompaniment, translation

*Transportation to and from retreat center is not included but can be arranged.




Paulina Oviedo

Co-feeling Sacred Sensuality with freedom and respect in love relationships using tools that awaken sensuality.



Patricia von Buchwald

Co-recognizing the changes of our body and mind with wisdom towards a new stage of life through contact with ceramics.



Rea Beaubien

Listening is part of learning to sing and in this time we will have the honor to listen to Lakota songs, learn about their history, origin, the drum and the sacred instruments.




We are spiritual beings living a bodily experience. Over the course of the gathering we will hold 3 ceremonies involving the master plants San Pedro, Peyote and Yopo, and led by experienced guides whose preparation spans many years learning from and working alongside the elders of these traditions. During these ceremonies we can reshape, recharge and empower our body and spirit to find the answers we need and act on them. These will be private ceremonies, exclusively for participants of this gathering and the following guides will exercise the sensitive use of these power plants.

Norma Alvarez

Ceremony with Yopo, Medicine with origins in the Venezuelan Orinoco


Luis Ochoa

Traditional Tepee ceremony with Hikuri (Peyote)

Paulina Oviedo

Aguacolla Ceremony awakening from sensuality (San Pedro)




Connection with the spirits of Hayulima


The Hayulima Sanctuary consists of 112 hectares of protected cloud forest, home to innumerable animals, plants and minerals. Streams, rivers, lagoons and fresh springs permeate and irrigate this lush, green landscape and, together with the rain and fog, make it nothing less than a temple for water. On this outing we will hike for 1.5 hours to the interior of the Atahualpa mountain along marked trails. The excursion facilitates an intimate encounter between the natural surroundings and our own essence. We recommend taking binoculars for bird watching.

Guide: Bárbara López

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We will experience purification in two ways: One to welcome and another as a blessing at the closing. It is a ritual of rebirth where we will be recognizing that we are entwined; we are all family and connected beyond our beliefs, skin color or language.

Welcome inipi, in the traditional Lakota way led by Rea Beaubien

Closing Temazcal, Sacred Fire led by Paulina Oviedo


With the ancestral knowledge that inhabits the grandfather fire, through offerings such as flowers, candles, fruits, incense as carried out by the ancient Mayans. We offer prayers to each of the Nahuals that command the days of the Mayan calendar and pray for family and prosperity.

Guided by Josefa Chiapas, a priestess of ancient Mayan traditions




Conscious and healthy food

For seven days we will eat vegetarian, dairy and sugar-free meals rich in local fruits and vegetables. This will help us detoxify our body and cleanse our lymphatic system.



During these seven days we will live in a wooden house with all the essential amenities, a kitchen, dining room, living room and outdoor balconies. The rooms are shared between two women.

See photos of accommodations here.



The Hayulima Sanctuary is located 2.5 hours from Quito airport. We will coordinate arrival and departure transportion according to participants’ itineraries. It costs 70 dollars each way by taxi and if it is shared between up to 4 participants the value is 18 dollars.


Simultaneous translation

All events will have simultaneous translation into English. Several members of the team speak English; no event will be held without proper translation.


4 Specialized workshops

The workshops are community and individual work spaces with highly experienced guides of repute, known for the topics they address. As a small group, we can put each of our purposes on the table to work through them accompanied and contained.


3 Medicine Ceremonies

Aguacolla, Yopo or Peyote 


2 Temazcals - Opening and closing

1 Power Hike - Connection with the spirits of Hayulima Shrine

1 Mayan Fire Ceremony


Cost for seven days

1500,00 USD


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Tatiana Dávila
Activity: Family Constellations Workshop

Family constellations provided a movement that makes it easier for us to free ourselves from transgenerational patterns that are repeated unconsciously, to leave weights that we carry from our ancestors, to order our family clan so that love can flow between its members and to receive strength and the support of our family tree. When in therapy we find "our place" in the family clan, we know what our space is in the world and we can develop and be with freedom.


For 22 years I have been related to this therapy that brought much healing to my life and now it is my desire to share that gift with more people. I started my path in healing 27 years ago. I practice gestalt psychotherapy, art therapy, family constellations, flower therapy, accompaniment with ancestral therapies and the path of plant medicine in various ways. I work with clay, seeds, stones, wood to create instruments that honor the altars and connect us with our deep and divine being.

Rea Beaubien_Women Spiritual Retreat.jpeg

Rea Beaubien
Activity: Lakota Song and Tradition Workshop

Rea Beaubien is a healer, guide, teacher, singer, dancer, artist, medicine carrier, and ceremonialist. For nearly 20 years she has been a mother, spiritual seeker, and facilitator of ancient rituals in the mountains of Colorado. Rea’s mission is to rekindle our connection to the Divine Feminine as was spoken of in prophecies. 

As a result of visions and teachings received under the Divine Feminine lineages of North America.

Amalia Oviedo_Womens Spiritual Retreat.jpeg

Amalia Oviedo
Activity: San Pedro Ceremony

Amalia is a carrier of ancestral medicine. She has been working with native rituals and power plants for 10 years. She is a conductor of temazcals and a co-founder of the group  Mujeres de Luna (www.mujeresdeluna.org).  


Along her path, she has worked with the feminine energy and the obsidian mirror. She accompanies the work of some of the Andean and Amazonian elders.

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Josefa Kirvin Kulix 
Activity: Mayan Fire Ceremony 

Mujer indígena Tsotsil Maya, soy mujer Ajkij  (mujer de vara) desde el calendario maya, Igual manera tengo mi formación  en Psicoterapia Gestalt Integrativa. Medicina tradicional-Herbolaria, manejo de miedo, Formación en psico-Corporal  y masaje Terapéutico.

En esta ceremonia de fuego maya, se realiza dando ofrendas así como se hace ancestralmente desde el mundo maya que se expresa nuestro agradecimiento a Dios, la creación, al madre tierra, y a todos los elementos,  se honran a los ancestros, con las  energías de los 20 días del calendario maya, se hace descernimientos en nuestros caminos, curaciones, con la integridad a la vida.

Paulina Oviedo_Women Spiritual Retreat.png

Paulina Oviedo Quilla Pakari -Tsunkinua
Activity: Sacred Sensuality Workshop

Paulina received the Chakana altar, Andean table, and Heart of the Carnation altar from the Andean elders. She has been working with ancestral medicines for more than 15 years and is also a trained Gestalt therapist in accompanying processes. Founder of the collective group "Mujeres de Luna" (www.mujeresdeluna.org), she works with chants as a prayer for healing of the spirit and body. She is a Leader of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan and a conductor of temazcals. Learn more about Paulina's work.​

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Luis Ochoa y Norma Alvarez
Activity: Peyote and Yopo Ceremony (respectively)

Norma - I was born in Guadalajara Mexico, from an early age I was interested in the fascinating world of self-knowledge and healing, which led me through different paths such as numerology, Bach flowers, universal energy, family constellations. Twenty years ago I found the master plants, sacred medicines, which allowed me to come into contact with different Tribes and their customs, both Native Americans and ethnic groups from the Amazon of Venezuela, the Piaroas, the Navajos, Keros, Wirraricas, Lakotas, with whom he learned their traditions and rituals. This is a space to connect with our being and open ourselves to love and compassion, to the joy and beauty of knowing we are women and to retake our internal feminine wisdom, giving us the time to inhabit our interior.

Luis - Originally from the city of Guadalajara, he will share with us the sacred medicine of huikuri. His life experience, prayers and chants will make this a transcendent ceremony for our consciences. 

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Bárbara López
Activity: Power Hike

I am 29 years old. I have been a vision seeker and sun dancer since I was 13 years old. Power plants have been my companions and advisors for more
than half my life and I have supported and worked on ceremonies for many years. Mountains and climbing are my passion and I am a professional tour guide.

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Paty von Buchwald
Activity: Ceramics Workshop

I am Paty, a woman deeply rooted in the land that supports me. I am a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother; all in a single person called woman, who now walks the time of white hair. From very early on I was amazed by the essence of creation, which through art, pointed me to the path of the mystery of the sacred feminine. In his search, I investigated innumerable sources to decipher traces, symbols and signs printed on objects and vestiges that come from different times and cultures, putting together fragments that awaken what is dormant in memory. In this search I found old men and women bearers of ancient traditions who generously shared with me their knowledge and relationship with the master plants and with them, their visions. For many years he has been working on the memory of the feminine, its rites and its altars.